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POS 2041: American National Government

USF College of Arts & Sciences | School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies

Description:This course is intended to introduce students to the theory, institutions, and processes of American government and politics. In addition to learning fundamental information about the American political system, this course is designed to help students think critically about American government and politics.
Credit Hours:3
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
Co-Prerequisites: None
Course Requirements: None
Course Attributes
USF System General Education Core
  • Civics Literacy (New Since Fall 18) (SCIV)
  • Social Sciences (SGES)
USF Tampa
(Fall 09 - Summer 18)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (CASB)
  • Human Historical Context and Process (HHCP)
USF Tampa
(Fall 18 - Present)
USF St. Petersburg
  • Social Sciences (SPSS)
USF Sarasota
  • General Education Elective (SMEL)
  • Social Sciences (SMSS)

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