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(BSC 3846 Scientific Communication (approved as BSC 3848))

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Basic Course Information

Action Type New Course
Current Prefix/Subject N/A
Current Number N/A
Approved Prefix/Subject BSC
Approved Number 3848
Abbreviated Title Scientific Communication
Long Title Scientific Communication
College MM Science & Mathematics
Department BIO Biology
CIP 26.0101
Credit Hours 1

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Limit 3
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Course Level

Level UG Undergraduate

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  • R Regular
  • A Audit
  • F Financially Cancelled

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  • D Discussion

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Supplemental Data

Account Number USF01 SAR 521209 10000 000000 0000000
Variable Title (Element 1) F Fixed Title
Permit Required (Element 2) No
Catalog (Element 3) Note: Unknown.

Course Description

This course will be taken in conjunction with an upper level biology lab course. Students will work on developing and communication research questions and experimental designs with peers in both written and oral formats.

Course Test Score and Prerequisite Restrictions

AndOr'('Test CodeTest ScoreSubjectCourseLevelGradeConcurrency')'
ENC 1101 UG C No
X ENC 1102 UG C No

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Department No Restriction
Field of Study No Restriction
Class No Restriction
Level No Restriction
Degree No Restriction
Campus No Restriction
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Proposer Contact

Name Paul Kirchman
Phone 941-359-4437